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May 08, 2018 at 02:13 PM

HANA Security - Dynamic Analytic Privilege Model - How to Maintain helper auth tables


HANA Security documentation describes a security model using Dynamic Analytic Privileges with Stored Procedures to reference a 'helper table' to restrict users to only see field values they are mapped to within the helper table. (reference: SAP HANA Academy - Documentation: Analytic Privileges II).

My question is not how to define the table or AP or Procedure, but how are companies managing this helper table? Are there any IDM tools available from SAP or others that have the ability to manage a helper table via Roles? I'm looking for an automated solution that can add users, remove users, etc from these tables just like it would add/remove catalog/repository roles and manage the user's account attributes.

I imagine it is possible that everyone implementing Dynamic AP with helper tables is doing this helper table maintenance manually, but I'm hoping someone out there has found an IDM solution which has this feature.