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Nov 13, 2008 at 06:40 PM

mds process dies after LDAP integration



We integrated LDAP to our MDM enviorment and after this the mds process dies 1-2 times in a day and we see the following error in the server logs,

<Trace ts="2008/11/13 18:29:56.338 GMT" tid="73" entry-no="619665">LDAPLib.SearchExt(0 ms): baseDN = OU=Kraft,OU=Users and Workstations,DC=APPL,

DC=Net, scope = 0x2, filter = CN=Admin, attributes[] = dn, retrieving attributes only</Trace>

<Trace ts="2008/11/13 18:29:56.386 GMT" tid="73" entry-no="619666">LDAPLib.ParseResult(0 ms): errorCode = 0x0</Trace>

<Trace ts="2008/11/13 18:29:56.977 GMT" tid="91" entry-no="619672">LDAPLib.SimpleBindS(40 ms): user = CN=s-sapmdm,OU=APPL,OU=Users and Workstat

ions,DC=APPL, DC=Net</Trace>

and these audit logs

<Audit ts="2008/11/12 10:06:35.581 GMT" tid="78" entry-no="4214273" repository="VENDOR_NA_003" action="logon" type="failure" user="Admin">LDAP l

ogon. User not found</Audit>

would a logon failure cause the mds process to die

thank you