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re-running some reports together at BO


My customer has some reports, about 20 or 30, that it running all mornings automatically. But some mornings, the data sources doesn't be availed when the reports run. For this reason, my customer must re-run by hand all reports one by one. They have asked me to automate this process.

I try to do this with "events". I have created a "custom event" and a new empty report. In this report, I put the event in "Properties / Default Settings / Events / Events to trigger on completion".

Next, at the second report (the first user report) I put the same event but in "Properties / Default Settings / Events / Events to wait for".

The problem is that the second report doesn't run and I fear that this could affect to the scheduled reports.

Could somebody tell me how I can run several reports with one or two steps?

Thank you so much!

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1 Answer

  • May 08, 2018 at 11:42 AM

    There are three types of events: File, Schedule, and Custom (actually four, but we'll not worry about that for now).

    If your data load process can spit out a file when it's complete, then you can use a File Event to run your scheduled reports. The reports will run at the completion of the data load, event if it's late.

    Schedule events are fired when a scheduled instance completes; custom events are fired manually in the CMC. You said you scheduled the report to fire the event on completion, so I assume you meant you created a schedule event and not a custom event.

    If you created the blank report solely to kick of the event, then you can just use a custom event instead of a schedule event and skip the need for the empty report -- you would just need to fire the event in the CMC and the reports will run.

    Regardless of which method you use, the recurrency setting for the scheduled reports is important -- if you schedule the reports to run once daily (and wait for an event), then the reports will run a maximum of one time per day, even if the event fires multiple times. You can schedule them with a more frequent period, say one hour, which will allow them to run again after that period has elapsed.

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