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Nov 13, 2008 at 01:44 PM

Contract number not transferred to back-end PO? Is this an SAP bug?


System: SRM 4.0 - Classic Scenario


Iu2019m creating "limit" carts with reference to ECC back-end contracts. The functionality seems to be available in SRM and I expected it to work in the same way as the "describe requirement" shopping carts (i.e. the contract number added to the shopping cart is transferred to the back-end and the ECC PO is subsequently created with reference to the contract)

However, for u201CLimitu201D carts, I've added the contract to the shopping cart, but it does not get passed to the follow-on ECC back-end PO.

These are steps I am following (end-to-end):

1. Create contract in ECC (ME31K)

2. In SRM, add Vendor and Contract Number/Item to preferred vendor list and Release

3. Create u201CLimitu201D shopping cart with relevant material group and vendor

4. Search and select contract

5. Order and Approve shopping cart as required

6. Identify ECC back-end PO number

7. Display ECC PO using ME23n, select item and check reference to contract. **Contract number is blank!**

If I check table EKPO the Agreement Number field for the PO is blank. I.e. it has not been transferred from SRM to ECC when the PO is created.

As I mentioned, the contract is transfered for "describe requirement" carts, but not "limit" carts.

I have tested this in another system and I have the same problem. I believe this is a SAP bug. We have raised an OSS note, but awaiting a reply.

Has anyone else experience this issue and can provide any guidance?