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Issue with Code 128 bar code

Hi ,

Can anybody help on bar code issue ?

I have requirement to print bar codes for label. The bar code raw value is combination of characters, numbers and special characters ( like $, #, % ). The bar code type is Code 128 we are using. But the problem is while scanning the bar code with device we are getting special character %. But it should not come.

Bar code value: 4100000000000000%4000032127324%4020052744038

we are hard coded special character % into bar code value to separate the differentiate. But while scanning it should not read the special character.

the scanned value should be 410000000000000040000321273244020052744038

I tried with Code 128A , Code 128B , Code 128C. But no use. ( Code 128 is not suitable to us as it will allows numeric values only )

Can anybody help on this issue ?

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Satish

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2 Answers

  • May 08, 2018 at 04:19 PM

    The code 128 character set includes special characters, so if you print % it should scan %. Your result is correct.

    This is not a code 128 issue either, print the same information with a code 39 barcode and you should get the same result.

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    • Hi Mike,

      thanks for your reply. You are correct. The code 128 is behaving correctly. But in our case the special characters should not print while scanning.

      Finally we have decided to remove special character from barcode rawvalue.

      Now the issue is barcode is overlapping on the page border. Some barcode is getting truncate.

      Present the barcode value is : 410000000000000040000321273244020052744038

      if I pass special character then barcode is not getting overlap/exapand.

      Can you please provide the solution to fix this bug ?

      Please find the attached barcode properties.barcode-properties-1.jpgbarcode-properties-2.jpg



  • May 09, 2018 at 09:13 AM

    Dear Satish,

    Code 128 includes three different character sets called A,B and C. Every character set contains 106 different characters. Do you use the new barcode technologie? Please have a look at SAP note 645158.

    It contains a table of the three character sets and the encoded characters.

    Best regards,


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    • Dear Rohonyi,

      thanks for your reply.

      Can you please look into my query in same thread ? I have replied on Mike 's message. Can you please provide the solution on my issue if you know ?