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SAP HANA XS Advance and UI5

May 08 at 02:32 PM


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I would like to clear my confusion regarding the development track of SAP HANA XS Advance and UI5. What is the difference between them.

In my understanding through XS Advance you can build any application.Why would anyone need UI5 with HANA XS Advance in the same way if anyone deveoping its application in UI5 then there will be no need of development in HANA XS Advance.

In my understanding HANA XS Advance only useful when you need scalability.

Please anyone clear my understanding.

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2 Answers

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Sergio Guerrero May 08 at 02:43 PM

XS is the web server of HANA. XSA is the entire architecture on the Advanced landscape of HANA. It contains features such as having compatibility to various run times (nodejs, java,....) and it is purely on the server side (using languages such as nodejs, xsjs, etc) ... there are benefits and features of using xsa such as microservices, scalability, etc....

ui5 in the other hand refers to the (client side) javascript library that contains controls developed by sap (or openui5 which is an open source version of ui5) UI5 is purely a library for the client side. They can be used simultaneously on the same project (one on the front end, one on the back end) however, it is not required to use ui5 when creating an xs application. Additionally, UI5 uses the theme from the Fiori UX that SAP is following on the new SAP tools. Again, custom themes can be used to alter the UX of such controls

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Thomas Jung
May 08 at 02:58 PM
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