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How to delete a Custom Field published in Hybris Marketing Cloud

May 07 at 10:13 PM


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Hello experts

I`m trying to delete a Custom Field that I`ve created in test tenant but when i do this, the system show an error message. I`m attaching the screenshots.

1. In the “Custom Fields and Logic” app, select the created field “Cluster empresa” (image1).image1.jpg

2. After select “delete” the system show the following error message (image2).image2.jpg

3. All the UIs and reports have been disable (image3).image3.jpg

4. Also the OData APIs (image4).image4.jpg

5. And SOAP APIs (image5).image5.jpg

Thanks in advance.


image1.jpg (192.6 kB)
image2.jpg (154.6 kB)
image3.jpg (180.9 kB)
image4.jpg (98.9 kB)
image5.jpg (113.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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Kunal Bansal
May 08 at 06:39 AM

Dear Juan,

Greetings! Please open an SAP Incident under CEC-MKT-EXT as we need to analyze further.

For security reasons, please anonymize the URL/cloud-tenant details in the screenshot. 
I strongly recommend you to delete all the screenshots in this thread you posted.
Also, in future please post the anonymized screenshots for data-protection.

Thank you. Have a great day!

Best Regards,


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Hi Kunal,Thank you for your answer, I will follow the procedure mentioned and I will share qith you the answer as soon as I know.


Hi Juan,

have you created the field as list value? If so, can you check this field is not used anywhere like exposed in segmentation or stuff. as the error message in image 2 points out a dependent object which is linked to your field.

we had a similar issue in on-perm and luckily with back end access i could figure out where the field was used and remove the linkage. You may want to check the linkages and then try delete again.



Juan Daniel Cortes Peña May 11 at 01:14 AM

Hello Kunal and Vineet

I received the direct response on the ticket in which the same SAP informs me that they deleted the field, this is because it is the cloud solution, in order to do this it is necessary to request directly in an incident the fields that should be deleted. Thanks and I hope it is useful.


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Hello Juan,

I am glad to hear that your problem is resolved but on the other side a bit worried as well, why provide a delete button altogether if you expect customer to raise a support incident for every delete operation and this was never informed or I have not come across any such documentation. Can you please be kind to ask them what was the reason for error or to provide a documentation where it states that for every field to be deleted in cloud a ticket is to be raised.

Kunal- is this something new or existing?