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Anyone uses HXE on Google Cloud for Streaming analytics & testing project by HANA Studio?

May 07 at 09:39 PM


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After solving all problems, I finally was able to deploy the Streaming project from HANA studio to HXE Streaming server installed on Google cloud.

However, I cannot test using HANA studio running tool because of the following error:"Failed call to https://hxehost:60294/RPC2 (Failed to read server's response: Connection timed out: connect).

The project was deployed and running, confirmed by HANA cockpit access. Port 60294 was never documented anywhere and certainly not opened on Google cloud. What should be the approach in this case?

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2 Answers

Yijeng Liu
May 07 at 10:09 PM

I was able to use WebIDE to test. Very slow, but, it worked.

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Hello Yijeng

Were you able to connect your HANA on Google Cloud to HANA Db studio? My connection to hxehost is failing.Any special setting to be done?




Do you mean "Hana studio", the one based on Ecplise? Yes, I could.

Robert Waywell
May 11 at 09:13 PM

Take a look at this blog post for a discussion of how to configure the Command, SQL and Gateway ports for a streaming project:

Once you configure the project ports you would then need to open those ports on the VM's firewall.

Alternatively, in current versions of HANA streaming analytics you can choose to connect from HANA Studio using the Web Services protocol instead of the Native protocol. The Web Services protocol connects via the WSP REST port which defaults to 39043 for HANA Express which uses an instance # of 90.

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