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resetting SYSTEM password

May 07 at 09:06 PM


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Hi everyone!

I try to reset HANA SYSTEM user password following this manual

.I stuck on step 4, where I use command:


And receive: Error: Instance not found for host <my host name>

What does it actually mean in my case? What I'm doing wrong?


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1 Answer

Ayman Salem May 07 at 09:59 PM

It looks like you are using an instance number other than 01 for your host

So you can check which instance number for which host, (in your case) go to the directory "/usr/sap/D10/SYS/profile" and look at the files there.

you should see file like D10_HDB<instance>_<hostname>

After you receive the instance number for your host, change to the directory "/usr/sap/D10/HDB<instance>" and run the ./

I hope that helps you

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Thank you for your answer!

The output looks like: " DEFAULT.PFL".

But changing the directory helps to run hdbenv.

Now I have a problems running nameserver with command:

  • /usr/sap/D10>/HDB10/exe/hdbnameserver -resetUserSystem

The output is:

exe/hdbnameserver: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Also HDB info and HDB stop returns:

sh: HDB: command not found


the path of the command is wrong, in your case, it should:

<admuser>@sonya:/usr/sap/D10>/usr/sap/D10/HDB01/exe/hdbnameserver -resetUserSystem


or change to the directory: cd /usr/sap/D10/HDB01/exe and from there run the command as: ./hdbnameserver -resetUserSystem


This solution is not working with the same error message


It seems the did not run correctly

try the whole steps again and note that step 4 is executed as described in a new session.

4. In a new session, start the name server of the system database by executing the following commands



but first test which hostname that you have with command: hostname

It should match the last part of the profile file name, in your case:

if not, start the hdbenv as follows: /usr/sap/D10/HDB01/