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May 07, 2018 at 04:06 PM

What is the difference between these two function calls in PAL?

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I'm using code tutorials & the documentation in order to get an idea of how to use PAL but I've noticed an inconsistency in either my interpretation or the examples online + the documentation.

I cannot find an example of the "PAL_LOGISTIC_REGRESSION" SQL function call in the documentation, only in code examples online. I'm attemping to do logistic regression on my own dataset rather than some sample data I can insert into a table and I've noticed that things are mysteriously missing from explanation.

CALL "_SYS_AFL"."PAL_LOGISTIC_REGRESSION" ("TrainingDataSample", "#Params", ?, ?, ?, ?);

This function call and these question marks are from the SAPHANAAcademy github. What are the arguments these question marks refer to? What is this function? These questions come from a comparison of this function call snippet and what is found in the following documentation: