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May 07, 2018 at 08:27 AM

Creation sequencial 2 warehouse task for putaway and pick

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Hi all ,

I have a interesting question that might be solved process oriented storage control or layout oriented storage control but i want to get your thoughts.

Firstly, you can look at enclosed screenshot.

To Sum up , steps are given :

HU is created in semi-product production line then transfered to ewm storage location.

HU wait in GR Area then SAP might recommend destination storage bin. But , our scenerio, Hu must be transfer to IN-X location. X must be dynamic corresponding to destination storage bin. Why ? Because, we have 2 resource such a forklift and manup which work restricted.

Forklift transfer HU gr-area to in front of destination bin. IN-X locations defined for this purpose.

Manup work inside of high rack corridors that transfer HU from IN-X location to destination bin.

I think that we have to create 2 warehouse tasks. First task to transfer HU gr-area to IN-X location and second task transfer HU from IN-X to destionation bin. However, system must be find related IN-X location.

For example for putaway :

1 - WT1 --> Hu transfer from gr-area to IN-3 .

2- WT2 --> Hu transfer from IN-3 to A3-04 .

Not : IN-3 determined so that final destination bin A3 !

I will try to solve this scenerio with POSC .

What is your idea ?


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