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Nov 13, 2008 at 01:25 AM

MDM-Portal Integration - Standard iView quesion


We are planning to use the standard iVews (No customization) for our MDM-Portal Integration scenario and I have the following questions:-

1. What are the standard features of Portal iViews?

2. Standard iView, can we validate the fields for example while creating a new customer and if the Customer Name is BLANK then it should show the error?

3. Can we validate the fields with lookup tables for example while crating the new record, can we use the lookup table to select the country and populate it?

4. Can the data custodian (the person who create the new customer record) can communicate back and forth with the manager for clarifications/approval process with standard iViews?

5. How Portal workflow is used with standard iViews?

6. Email communication is possible?