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HANA express with Streaming analytics on Google cloud issue. Anyone has luck?

May 04 at 06:52 PM


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I installed HXE on Google cloud with streaming analytics. Everything seems fine, except when I try to connect server service at port 39026.

Google cloud firewall setting has 39026; however, somehow I cannot find port 39026 is open. Only ports 39040, 39041, 39046, 39047 are open & listening, with hdbstreamingse.

I was still unable to connect using them, either esp or esps.

Anyone has experienced similar thing?

The Streamingserver master is running on 39040 for hxe.

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Yijeng Liu
May 04 at 10:12 PM

Solved. Port 39041. It apparently takes a long time for hana streaming to accept requrest after starting Google VM. It took me waiting for almost 30 min, finally was able to log into HANA cockpit. Then, this connection is able to be established.

Good luck!

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If it is taking 30 minutes for the HANA system to start up, including the streaming server, then there is probably something else going on such as resource bottleneck. One thing to check would be the CPU utilization on the VM.