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May 04, 2018 at 01:08 PM

DMS how to enhance table SDOKCONT1


Hello everyone

The table SDOKCONT1 is used to contain DMS attachment. The transaction OAC0 is used to create repository and customize the table content.

By doing so, we can use a ZTable where it is a structure copy of the SDOKCONT1 table.

Now, we want to add 2 fields, to the Ztable, UNAME (user that has created the attachment) and UZEIT (the time where the document has been attached).

In IMG at "Application server -> Basis Services-> ArchiveLink-> Document Finder Customizing-> Register Document Areas" there are 2 classes but their seems to be used for display only.


How do we updated those 2 new fields?

Is there any BADI available?