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May 04, 2018 at 10:52 AM

How to get Cost element category starting G/L Account (Cost element) in S4 HANA


Dear all,

i would get Cost Element Category from CSKB table, starting from GL Account in SKA1 Table.

i would ... SKA1 Left Join CSKB ... to fill for each record in SKA1 a new field Cost Element Category.

SKA1 in S/4 HANA has GL Account and Char of account as Key Fields, and GL Account Type as attribute that indentifies if GL Account is also a Cost Elemt (P or S).

CSKB in S/4HANA has Cost Elemt and Controllin Area as Key Fields, and Cost Elemt Category as attribute.

I tried to see also TKA01 and TKA02 tables, but i cannot find a solutions

do you have some suggestions?