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How to get Cost element category starting G/L Account (Cost element) in S4 HANA

May 04 at 10:52 AM


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Dear all,

i would get Cost Element Category from CSKB table, starting from GL Account in SKA1 Table.

i would ... SKA1 Left Join CSKB ... to fill for each record in SKA1 a new field Cost Element Category.

SKA1 in S/4 HANA has GL Account and Char of account as Key Fields, and GL Account Type as attribute that indentifies if GL Account is also a Cost Elemt (P or S).

CSKB in S/4HANA has Cost Elemt and Controllin Area as Key Fields, and Cost Elemt Category as attribute.

I tried to see also TKA01 and TKA02 tables, but i cannot find a solutions

do you have some suggestions?


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3 Answers

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Gabriel Felipe Coleti May 04 at 12:05 PM

Dear Daniele,

I hope you can understand that.

You can go from Chart Of Account and if your SAP has more than one Controlling Area, the Cost Element can appear twice or more. Or you can go from Controlling Area, to analyze the Cost Elements from that specific controlling area.

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti

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Pavan Kumar Arvapally May 04 at 12:04 PM

Hi Daniele R,

We can find cost element category in cskb table in S/4 HANA,

let me know your requirement in detail, as cost element category is available in cskb table.

In S/4 Hana cost element category will be updated while creating the GL account itself.

What is the reason behind joining the tables of SKB1 and cskb?

If it is for reporting purpose, we can still use KA23 report in S/4 HANA


Pavan Kumar Arvapally

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Daniele R May 09 at 01:14 PM

@pavan.kumar18 i'm enhancing an extractor to send data in SAP BW, and i need to add Cost element category.

@coleti seems clear, i'll try to follow your suggestion.

thank you both.

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