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PCN - LU04 Automize

May 04 at 10:04 AM


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Hi All

In real time, Quality is accepting 99% of materials partially (ie. User Decision will be 90 materials in unrestricted 10 materials for sample out of 100) in this case each transaction is lying in LU04. My question here is..

1. This LU04 tCode will quality people use or stores people..?

2. Its making lot of problems.. How stores people will know how the material is accpeted.

3. Can we automize this LU04 process

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Jürgen L May 04 at 11:09 AM

Enter SEARCH_SAP_MENU into the command field and search for LU04. It well tell you the menu path where this transaction is located.

And based on the result you should know if this is supposed to be done by warehouse people or QM people, which does not necessary explain whether your company organized it differently.

If it is creating problems then the consultant has to find the root cause and conduct training.

Problems cannot be solved with automation.

Only straight and good running processes can be automated. RLAUTA11 is the report for auto processing of PCNs, see the docu:

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Thanks, Jjurgen, As you mentioned i've did. It is working fine. I'm using my background job with a time of 10 minutes if i do so whether my system performance will go down.?

Prakash Kannan

does the performance go down if a user executes every 10 minutes the transaction manually? If a single transaction correctly executed already effects the system performance then your Basis admins should be concerned about the sizing of the machine - no this job should not have any effect on the global performance.


Thanks for your comments..