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Nov 12, 2008 at 01:27 PM

MM-LIV workflow issue


Dear WF gurus,

I have a requirement to change an existing WF for Logistics Invoice Verification.

Copy of a standard template MMIVToCompl is used

WF is triggered on BUS2081 by event PARKED.

Requirement and my problem is in nature of agent determination.

Work item after creating and parking an invoice should arrive to different agents based on referenced type of PO (EKKO-BSART) entered upon creation of invoice itself.


If referenced PO in invoice is let's say of type 'AAAA' or 'BBBB' then a parked invoice should go to finance department in (Org. unit 'ORG1') where they should post it, regardless of where in org. structure the parking of invoice takes place.

But invoices based on PO types 'CCCC' or 'DDDD' should go to finance departments (org. unit 'ORG2', 'ORG3', and 'ORG4') respectively. So when Invoice is created based upon PO type 'CCCC' somewhere in 'ORG2' than it should stay there and be posted by finance department in 'ORG2' and so on.

Organizational structure:



ORG1-Finance dept. (posts invoices with ref. PO's type AAAA' or 'BBBB' created by clerks A,B,C,D)

ORG1-Clerk A


ORG2-Finance dept. (posts invoices with ref. PO's type 'CCCC' or 'DDDD' created by clerks B)

ORG2-Clerk B


ORG3-Finance dept. (posts invoices with ref. PO's type 'CCCC' or 'DDDD' created by clerk C)

ORG3-Clerk C


ORG4-Finance dept. (posts invoices with ref. PO's type 'CCCC' or 'DDDD' created by clerk D)

ORG4-Clerk D

PLS, advise on how to approach in solving this requirement.

Is it possible to create a rule for this and avoid programming?

Suggestions and help appreciated,