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Nov 12, 2008 at 01:18 PM

Cannot post Goods issue - reversal for service order


Dear forum,

I have a service order to which I have issued materials using movement type 261 for the specific service order (created with IW31). One of the materials issued against this order was wrong and therefore I would like to use transaction MB11/MB1A to create a movement type 262 Consumption for order from warehouse - reversal.

But when I enter the movement type 262 and enter my specific service order, I receive the following error message:

""Document 4491573 / 0003786462 does not contain any selectable items

Message no. M7064


The document or document item entered cannot be adopted.

Possible reasons for this are:

The document items have already been processed

(Suggest zero lines indicator set?).

the document items have been deleted or are blocked.

the document items have been created for a different plant.

(for reservations only) movements are not yet allowed for the reservation items.

(for reservations only) the document items are retrograde components of the order. These are posted using the order confirmations.

A confirmation must exist for the document items.

The document items must be released first.

The document is an R/2 document.""

I am not sure why I get this error message and according to me it should not be due to any of the above causes.

Does anyone have a clue? Is there another way of cancelling the goods issue posting of this single line item in a bigger material document, but still with regards to the service order in order to get the costing right?