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Planning filter not working when used with master data workbook create planning object from excel.


We have created a new compound master data e.g ZMDTNEW which consistes of 3 atributes Locid(root), prdid(root) and one new attribute(ZATTR1) of datatype Nvarchar. We have then created a filter ZFilt1 which condition ZATTR1 = X. In the MDT ZMDTNEW we have loaed the data which has values X OR Y for attribute ZATTR1. Now from the excel when we are going to Master Data Workbook --> create --> planning object with Key Figure option and giving this filter we are getting no values exists.while if in the filter we are directly giving LOCID and PRDID against ZATTR1 = X we are able to see values. Somehow this planning filter is not working. Can anyone suggest whats the issue.



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    May 07, 2018 at 12:22 PM

    Hi Akhilesh,

    I just tried it out and its working fine for me for both using a simple MDT attribute and also when using a compound MDT attribute as filter.

    I was able to get the described error when using a KF that is on the wrong level.

    Regarding your observation that it works when you manually set the filters on LOCID and PRODID: There is a difference between filtering on the compound MDT attribute ZATTR1 = X or filtering separately on LOCID and PRODID. The ZATTR1 would only work when you have both the LOC and the PROD as base planning level of your key figure. e.g. the compound is Product-Customer, then the key figure base level would also need to contain the Product and Customer, plus optionally additional ones if necessary.

    The separate filters on LOCID and PRODID would also work with only either one being part of the base level.

    So please check the base level of the key figure for which you want to create the planning objects.

    Best Regards,

    Anna Linden - Product Manager SAP Integrated Business Planning

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    • Hi Anna,

      First and foremost thanks for your time in looking into the issue. Few points here

      1>Say there is only one entry in new MDT ZMDTNEW with LOCID= L1, PRDID- P1 and ZATTR1 = X. I have created a new filter with condition "ZATTR1 = X" so ideally output of this filter is L1 and P1. When I am trying to view existing planning object at WEEK|PROD|LOC by using path Master Data Workbook --> create --> planning object with Key Figure option and filter "ZATTR1 = X" it works fine. But when I am doing the same exercise at WEEK|PROD|LOC|SHIP FR planning level this filter does not work and output shows no data exists. While directly giving LOCID= L1, PRDID- P1 in filter works fine and shows the planning object at Ship From level.

      2> Instead of creating new attribute ZATTR1 in new MDT ZMDTNEW if I am creating the same new attribute in existing locationproduct MDT and keeping all other condition same for filter etc the entire thing works fine.I mean I am able to see planning object at all planning levels.

      3> I have included the attribute in WKPRODLOCSHIPFR planning level.

      Can you please help.