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Dear Experts,

we are running a DMO and a UC Convertion. We followed the guide and now we get a Error in this Phase:

"Checks after phase MAIN_INIT/RUN_UMG_CCHECK_ORIG were negative!

Last error code set: Batchjob 'UMG_CCHECK_FOR_DMO' with id '23555700' is aborted"

This Job aborted with a dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X

When i call the transaction SPUMG i get :

Transaction SPUMG is currently locked. Finish UMG_FINISH_PREPARATION first.

... So the Report UMG_FINISH_PREPARATION will end with a dump too.

When i will try this:

In case you have to execute transaction SPUMG you can use the following workaround to unlock SPUMG:

    1. Execute transaction SE24 (class builder)
    2. Enter class CL_UMG_INFO and execute the class (F8)
    3. Confirm the popup asking for generic data types
    4. On the next screen execute method EXPORT_HW_TIMESTAMP using the current date and time as input parameters
    5. Execute method EXPORT_FIRST_CUUC_STEP using the current date and time as input parameters.

After execution of the methods you can execute transaction SPUMG.

I can call the transaction, but there is no initial screen. I can only see the Consistency Check .. When i click on "Monitor", i get the Dump Message Type X.

Can i completly reset the spumg? I cant do anythink .. the end is allways "message type x"

Thanks and Regards,


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Andreas Lichtenau
Nov 04, 2016 at 08:58 AM

Hello Sven,

please implement SAP Note 2294460.
Afterwards please enter transaction SPUMG and reset it as below:

  1. execute /SPUMG
  2. select "Scanner -> Restart SPUMG"
  3. start /SPUMG again

Now you should see the SPUMG welcome screen again.

Please work through the Unicode Conversion guide carefully and execute all necessary steps.
On the welcome screen you have to down- and upload the exception list, execute the preparation steps and then you can continue with SPUMG and start the consistency checks.

Transaction SUMG is currently not relevant for you. It is only used in MDMP scenarios and exceptional cases in Single Codepage scenarios when tables contain destroyed data due to a wrong conversion.

Best regards,

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Sven Kaiser Nov 04, 2016 at 12:11 AM

I dont know if it is important, but when i want to open the transaction SUMG i will instant get the MESSAGE_TYPE_X

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Sven Kaiser Nov 04, 2016 at 09:31 AM

Hi Andreas,

SAP Note 2294460 is valid for Support Package SAPKB70109 .. We have SAPKB70108 so i cant implement this note. Do we have to update the System first?

Without the Note the Restart SPUMG doesnt not work - SPUMG is locked again.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Sven,

the note was adapted and is now also valid for SP08.

Best regards,


Hi Andreas,

thanks! This helped.




You're welcome Sven. Have a nice weekend! :)

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