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Nov 12, 2008 at 11:40 AM

GRC 5.3 Zero Violations & unable to exclude critical profiles


Good day All.

GRC 5.3 Access Control has been successfully installed. The Rule set has been generated and all batch jobs has been successfully executed.

The 1st issue is that there are zero violations for roles appearing. GRC correctly located the 7000+ roles that exist in the backend, but does not find any roles which has a violation. This is incorrect? I did a search on the back end via SUIM and I find roles which has the combination of SU01 and PFCG, which cause a violation.

Secondly - When I create the citical profiles for of the the production systems and exclude them from the search via the configuration tab; the end report does not change. Strange!!

After making all the changes to the GRC config and creating the critical profiles, I ran the Management Report. It takes approx 10min - 15mins to complete. The results in the Management Reports do not change.

Finally: Under the Rule Architect tab > Rules > Action Rules - When I do a search for the customised rule it, the session times out

Could all these issues be related to the rule sets?