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Nov 12, 2008 at 11:35 AM

SAP R/3 table data display


Hello All,

In SAP R/3 in tcode SE11 when I display data for table EKBE, for few currencies amount is different in tabular layout and display mode of individual record. Let me expalin it in detail.

In table EKBE when I display data for any particular purchase order then following values are displayed in tabular layout.

DMBTR 100.05

WRBTR 100.05

But when I select this record and click on display button(F2 function key)

DMBTR 100.05

WRBTR 10005

When I extract this data in BW I get

DMBTR 100.05

WRBTR 100.05

Can anybody please help me to understand

which value is correct ?

why is there a difference in amount in tabular layout and display mode ?

why only WRBTR is different as both are of CURR datatype and created using same Domain.

In ME80FN Amount is displayed as 10005 and user is expecting this in BW output, when I checked in R/3 table I found discrepancy. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.