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Problem when installing java stack for Solman 7.2 SR1

Hello there,

I am in the process of installing a test system for Solman 7.2 SR1 with Oracle 11g and Suse Linux Enterprise 12. The abap part when more or less straight forward but, I go stucked in the java stack in the Import Java Dump with the following error message:

May 3, 2018 2:55:20 PM [Thread[main,5,main]] Info: Connecting to database May 3, 2018 2:55:22 PM [Thread[main,5,main]] Info: Connected to database May 3, 2018 2:55:22 PM [Thread[main,5,main]] Fatal: on: /root/Downloads/51052491_JAVA1/DATA_UNITS/JAVA_EXPORT_JDMP/EXPDUMP.001 (Permission denied) at Method) at<init>( at<init>( at<init>( at at at at at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at May 3, 2018 2:55:22 PM [Thread[main,5,main]] Fatal: An error occured during exe cution. Please consult SAP note 942766 for first steps on troubleshooting the problem.

I have already checked the note mentioned in the error (942766) but, it does not cover my problem. I have also searched both in Marketplace and Google for the error and nothing like this is reported yet, which amazes me since this is not a really recent version at all.

I checked the permissions for the file locations up to the file level, making them wide open (777) with no good result.

Please help on this matter to pinpoint to the root cause of the problem and its resolution.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


Luis Bernardo Corona.

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  • Hi Yogesh,

    I tried to unpack it both in the server and in my laptop, with same results. Although, it could work if I download the archive again. I will try that and post the results here.


    Luis Corona.

  • Hello Luis Corona,

    Able to solve this issue or still having this problem?


  • Sorry I did not update this earlier. The suggestion of downloading the archives again worked fine and I had the chance to download them directly in the server avoiding any possible corruption of jumping from my laptop to the server.

    Thanks Yogesh!!! Great tip.

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