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How to extend RETAIL materials to Plant

May 03 at 05:43 PM


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I have searched, but have not found an answer to this on the forums:

How are RETAIL materials extended to new plants? These aren't standard materials, so the MM01/MM02 transaction does not apply. The retail transactions for material create/edit are MM41/MM42.

In MM42 I have used the validity to choose the plant in the purchasing tab:

However still getting the error in ME21N:

  • This plant extension has already been done by another team-member (who is no longer working), so I know it can be done.
  • The material availability dates are correct.
  • This is an S4 system

Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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Former Member May 03 at 10:11 PM

I figured it out. After maintaining the validity area, you need to go to the listing tab and execute the listing:

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Hi Colin,

Just to mention once you raised the question:
To list an article (material) to a site (plant) can be performed not only in MM42, but also WSM3, WSP4, WSM8, or in case of layout listing WSM4L can be used, depending on the requirement.

And one more important fact: if there would be any issue during the first listing, eg. when you have performed it in MM42, might mean the article won't be extended to this site (missing MARC entry). This can have many reason, which reason can be found in WSPL transaction.

It worth to learn, that in such case it is useless to try to list the article again, hence once it was already listed, the MARC segment won't be generated anymore (even if it does not yet exist).
Instead (after correcting the root cause from WSPL) you can start WSPK transaction to create the missing article segments (eg. MARC) afterwards.
And there might be still the situation, when also WSPL does not contain the corresponding log anymore, then you can take the benefit of executing the report RWIFFERENCEMARCWLK1_ENHANCED.

Best regards,

Former Member
Andras Strobl

Thank you Andras, this is very helpful.