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May 08, 2018 at 05:03 AM

SSO 2.0 , Secure Login Client, User Certificate does not update



we are using SAP SSO 2.0 with SPNEGO method.

On the client side, SAP secure Login Client 2.0 patch level 1 (sbus) is used and the user certificate is issued for 10 hours after which the a new one is generated automatically by the sbus client and the authentication process continues. this behavior works fine on windows 7 machines.

on windows 10 the setup is done properly and sbus works fine, however when the user certificate expires (eg if the user machine is on for more then 10 hours) then the user certificate does not update and no request for a new cert is sent by sbus. until the machine is restarted or the sbus client (SPNEGO) is logged off and logged in again, after which authentication works again.

Are there any know issues or some new patchs required for windows 10 machines ?