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BreakPoints in eclipse

hi all,

i have started using the eclipse but i am not able to search few settings.

1) how to place session breakpoints ( actually i placed breakpoint and triggered call from UI but it is not getting called.

2) in GUI when i started debugging the debugging is getting started in different client ( ex: i am working on client 040 when i press /h and debugging is getting started in 100 client )

3) want to place message breakpoint , method breakpoint

may i know what settings do i need to change in my eclipse to get solutions to above problems.


kiran rachamalla.

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1 Answer

  • May 23, 2018 at 08:12 AM

    Hi Kiran,

    I can try to help you regarding your issues and settings but the given information is not sufficient yet so I have to ask a few questions:

    1) ADT basically knows only one type of breakpoint which is the ADT breakpoint. There is no difference between session breakpoints and external breakpoints anymore. ADT breakpoints are able to catch everything that is started directly from your IDE (embedded GUI, class run F9, unit test executions) but also external requests (e.g. HTTP requests from your browser or RFC calls from foreign systems).

    What UI are you trying to debug here? Fiori/Web Dynpro, classical dynpro within embedded GUI or something else?

    A reason for the debugger not starting might be activation conflicts (Details). You could run into such conflicts if you use ADT debugger and SAP GUI debugger in parallel or if you have multiple eclipse projects for the same combination of system, client & user. One possible work around is to right click on the breakpoint in eclipse and choose "Refresh breakpoint activation" immediately before you start the request to be debugged.

    2) Do you experience this client switch also if you use SAP GUI alone without eclipse involved at all?

    3) Currently ADT does not support message breakpoints and method breakpoints but from the breakpoints view you can create statement breakpoints (e.g. on the statement 'message') or you can create a watchpoint on sy-msgid (also conditional watchpoints that check for the concrete message you are looking for). Is this answering your third point?

    Best regards,

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