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Device Certification & Goods Transfer

May 07 at 01:55 PM


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i am new to device management but have worked in Material management before

there is an issue with using the functionality "movement type" in screen EG97 - Device Certification

i tried to configure the correct movement type to be used so the meter gets transferred after the certification is done, copied 313 to 913

the system is not accepting a two step storage location transfer (although all the configuration via OMJJ were added and T.code was added)

System message is
Goods movement not possible with mvmt type 913 Message no. M7096.

but this does not make any sense because 913 is proposed with f4 selection entries

what exactly is missing here?

note : i have search all the notes and learning hub courses for DM

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Jürgen L May 07 at 02:22 PM

I am dont know what EG97 is doing, but a movement type in a F4 help has usually not much to do with the fact whether it can be used or not, a normal search does not not check in such detail level, since the search help is usually not transaction specific, it is field specific and called from various transactions.

So I would basically check if the customizing of movement types is really right. E.g. if the transaction is maintained in Allowed transactions for a movement type.

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EG97 was already maintained as allowed transaction in OMJJ, But Still the system shows message the

Goods movement not possible with mvmt type Message no. M7096.


you probably need to debug to see in which program after which check this message is issued.

Why do you need a 913? Does it work with 313?


Thanks Jurgen, issue was resolved with debug whilst make sure that all the entries of the movement type are copied - even manually.