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EXCEPTION class CX_CTS_INVALID_NUMBER is not available after EHP7 upgrade

May 07 at 12:59 PM


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Hi Expert,

One of my client's custom include uses CX_CTS_INVALID_NUMBER class to catch exception. But after upgrade to EHP7 , we are getting syntax error saying that this class is unknown.

I did check in the upgraded system and this is not available contrast to the non-upgraded system where it is available, my question is which exception class can be used to replace CX_CTS_INVALID_NUMBER and does it actually got removed after upgrade.

Thank you in advance.



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2 Answers

Matthew Billingham
May 11 at 05:32 PM

Find out where the old exception was thrown, then look at the replacement code.

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Iftah Peretz
May 11 at 12:16 PM


Not in front of an SAP system, but the CX_ROOT exception class is the root class for all exceptions and it will catch everything that is catchable and in it, you can handle the specific case you are interested. You can also look for the matching INVALID_NUMBER exception class by looking for one that has the same description/implementation. Finally, you can create your own and copy the logic from the non-upgraded one.

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But don't catch cx_root... be as specific as possible.