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Nov 12, 2008 at 03:59 AM

FileUpload and Image


Hi ,

Can u briefly explain me about the FileUpload and FileDownload Image UIElement . Actually i want to put FileUpload in One Tab of tabstrip and Give Image UIElement in other tab of the TabStrip. So that when i Press second tab it should Display the content in the Image UIElement which is in transparentContainer of the Second tab. Is it possible to do like that.?

If possible can u tell me.

And what r the data property and resource property of FileUpload.

What code i have to write. I searched in full sdn but I dint get the concept behind it.

**For that i got reply from sdn, like this.**

You mean to say that you want to display the uploaded image in the Image UI when you go to the next tab. This you can achieve without using the file download UI as well.

You can write the following code in the tab change action for the second Tab ID:

IWDResource cache = WDResourceFactory.createCachedResource(wdContext.node<Node Name>().current<Node Name>Element().getEmpImage(),fileName,WDWebResourceType.JPG_IMAGE);

// Here EmpImage is the attribute of type byte array(byte []) i.e the uploaded content, filename is any String of your choice.


// Here ImageSrc is the attribute mapped to the src property of the Image UI.

So i tried this to in the example application, but i am getting error like this.

The method createCachedResource(InputStream, String, WDWebResourceType, boolean) in the type WDResourceFactory is not applicable for the arguments (byte, String, WDWebResourceType)

This is the code which i wrote.

IWDResource resource= wdContext.currentMyDataElement().getImgSource();

byte by=wdContext.nodeMyData().currentMyDataElement().getPicture();

String str = wdContext.nodeMyData().currentMyDataElement().getFile();

IWDResource cache = WDResourceFactory.createCachedResource(


Can u please Explain this to me. If any other way to do it ,then please explain me.