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How to determine Exchange rate (of type C) in invoice accounting document?

Dear all,

Kindly help in the below requirement:

To determine exchange rate type (C - Standard translation at Customs Rate) at invoice header level, so that C gets determined in accounting document.Analysis (wrt SO - 79546 and Inv - 1001180016):

Existing OB08 details:

In sales order, both at header (Sales tab -> Doc Currency) and item level (Sales A tab -> Exch rate) exchange rate (65.24 or M) is determined.
Therefore, the same gets copied to invoice header (exchange rate M) whereas exchange rate C got determined at invoice item level. This is due to exchange rate (C) is maintained in customer master.

Attaching the existing copy controls configuration.
Order to Bill (Header)

Dlv to Bill (Header)

Dlv to Bill (Item)

Test data (below is the acc doc)
SO header details

SO Item details

Invoice Header details

Invoice Item details

Since Invoice header picks M, same is shown in accounting document.

I want accounting document to determine Exchange Rate of Rate type (C) here...

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  • Dear Lakshmipathi and other Experts....any suggestion please?

  • Hello,

    There are two Exchange Rates in Invoice.

    1. Exchange Rate for Price Determination - Item Level.

    2. Exchange rate for FI postings - Header Level.

    To read the difference on the above please search online and you will get many threads explaining this.

    Also speak to your FI Colleague on what is the Exchange rate setting made on Account Document (T-Code OBA7, Doucment RV).


  • Hi Jignesh,

    I thank for your response, I have got the solution from Lakshmipathi (to follow note 22781).

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2 Answers

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    May 07, 2018 at 01:39 PM

    Yes it is the standard functionality. In order to achieve system to consider Exchange Rate Type "C", you need to go with modification as recommended in OSS note 22781 - Problem-A

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  • May 08, 2018 at 08:42 AM

    On your two questions, for first one, you need to discuss with your FI consultant / Business Finance team, who would normally maintain the Alternate Exchange Rate in OBBS. Depending upon this, system would behave as explained in the note I suggested.

    For your second question, yes you need to assign the customized routine in VTFL - Field Data VBRK/VBRP

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