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Nov 11, 2008 at 11:06 PM

Material/Serial Nbr is "Stuck" in a storage location and can not be moved


We have a situation created by my customers which has lead to a situation I have never seen before. A material/serial nbr. that is in our Returns location that can not be transfered, issued, removed, or anything via ANY MIGO movement type combination.

This is what happend:

- Customer return processed. Material ABC, Batch XYZ with Serial Nbr. 123 brought into our "RT" StoreLoc.

- Clerk processed MIGO to do a Stock Transfer of this material to another StoreLoc. (PS). He entered in the material ABC, batch XYZ, and a bad serial number 1233. He used a 453 Movement type.

- After realizing his mistake, he processed MIGO again and processed a GI Xfer posting with a 972 movement type to get rid of the bad material/serial nbr. he had just moved to the PS StoreLoc.

- Then he tried to redo the Stock Transfer using a 453 Movement type for the material ABC, batch XYZ, and the good serial nbr. 123, but, he gets a "Deficit of BA Ret.blocked prev. 1.000 EA " error message.

- At this point, he contacts me to ask what can be done.

No matter what we try to do, we can not access this part/serial nbr. combo to move it or issue it or whatever. It is like a ghost now. You can see the serial number via IQ03, but you can not do anything with this part/serial nbr.

Help! Do I need to write an ABAP to physically delete this material/serial nbr from its batch?