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Script Compatibility From Mobilink 9 to Mobilink 17

We are currently upgrading from SQLA 9 to SQLA 17. That being said, we would also be using Mobilink 17 from Mobilink 9. We currently have multiple synchronization scripts being used by our application.

I am just wondering if the scripts from SQLA/Mobilink 9 will still be compatible with SQLA/Mobilink 17?

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  • This is difficult to answer since the scripts are user defined and are executed by the consolidated. The question is whether the scripts are still valid at the consolidated. That said, it is likely that there will be no issues.

  • So by that you mean that there are no changes on the syntax used between SQLA 9 to SQLA 17?

  • In part, yes. But there could be other changes that impact the running of the script. For example, scripts that use procedures might be impacted by the new SQL SECURITY feature. As previously noted, it is likely there will be no issues but I am in no position to say with any certainty that scripts will work without any issues.

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