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Nov 11, 2008 at 06:38 PM

Monthly sales forecast file upload new combinations not getting loaded.


For one of our planning areas, I get sales forecast as spread sheet and upload this to the infocube.

We run CIF daily and monthly also to include all new material.

When I upload the file when I checked the log everything went fine with 3 warnings for 3 products with message "contents of the infocube not contained in BasicPlobStruc.

Now these material are already in APO by Sold to party is new and there is no combination to this Sold to party and hence the the data did not get loaded.

Now my Client wants to change whatever required so that all new combinations data are included in when month end sales forecast is loaded.

Can you advice what needs to be done as ther are large number of products I wont which are new combinations and as far as my knowledge is concerned , since there is no history CVC's are not automatically created.

Can anyone advice.