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Former Member
Nov 11, 2008 at 05:13 PM

Copied/pasted group of components lose many properties


(Xcelsius 2008 SP1 FP1 (Build 12,1,1,344), Windows XP SP2)

After copying/pasting 120 or so grouped components all at once, the Value, Check box and Toggle components seemed to lose most of their properties. The main container within the group of copied objects is a panel container that included nested groups of labels, rectangles, values, check boxes and toggles.

Specific example: All Value components originally had a title position of "Left" and specific font name/sizes. They also had specific X axis offsets. And of course, each was pointed to a specific spreadsheet cell. The copies, however, reverted to the respective defaults for all properties minus the text of the titles. (This is of course not an exhaustive list of the affected components/properties).

I have already had experience copying smaller groups of components and did not see this effect, so I wonder if there is a threshold of some kind here.