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SAP SD - Report Requirement

Dear All,

In my Project, there are certain Reports-Requirement from SAP-System.

I hereby, writing down the Reports along with my comments. Request you all to provide your views on the same and correct me, if I am wrong in my understanding/ approach.

Reports are categorized under:

S - Standard Report(s)

E - Enchancement within Standard Report(s)

C - Custom Report Developmement

Report 1: (Customer-wise + Sales_Org-wise) Booking Report

My Comment: Standard Report - VA05/ VA05N (Customer ID will appear and not the Customer Name).

Report 2: Delivery-list against Sales Order

My Comment: T. Code: VL06O

Report 3: Pending Deliveries with Due Date and Over-due Date

My Comment: T. Code: VL10C, with Planned GI Date (equivalent to Due Date). Enhancement is required to capture "Over-due Date:.

Report 4: List of Invoice (with amount) against Delivery and Collection (Partial/ Full with amount) made against Invoice(s); and if Collection is Partial, outstanding amount against Invoice.

Also, filtering Criterias are Sales Organization, Sales Document No. (S.Ord.), Customer (AG => SP & RE =>BP) & Document Date (BL - Billing Doc Creation Date)

My Comment: Customization-required. As, its a mix of various Standard Reports with some Enhancements within Standard Reports, like

A. Standard Report VF05N provides list of Invoices (with details like SP, BP, Billing Date, Sales Org, and Billed-value). But, details like Sales Order no. and Collection-details are not available.

B. Standard Report FBL5N provides Collection-Details against Invoices but Delivery-details are not available in it.

So, Report 4 is a mix of (VF05N+FBL5N) with some enhancements in Standard ones.

Report 5: Roll-over Booking for each Customer

My Comment: I've doubt as Roll-over details come from FI-Dept. (correct me, if I am wrong).

Report 6: Report of Billing-done from Roll-over and Current Booking

(Example: A Sales Order has been created with single Material "XYZ" with 100 qty in Dec. 2008. Till Dec 31st, 2008, only Qty: 15 has been delivered and Invoiced. On Jan 1st, 2009, this booking has got Rolled-over with Qty: 85 as open. In Jan 2009, another (or same) Material "PQR" has been added in to this Sales Order with Qty: 200.

As on Jan 31st, 2009; Qty: 50 have been delivered for newly added material "PQR" and Invoiced, whereas, nothing has been delivered from material "XYZ".

Now, in Feb 2009, when I run this Report 5, this must reflect that Qty: 15 has been Invoice against material "XYZ", which is a Roll-over booking within this Sales Order and Qty: 50 has been Invoiced against material "PQR", which is a fresh booking within the same Sales Order.

My Doubt:

A. How come we restrict this report to fetch Invoice-details for Roll-Over Booking (and report must not consider fresh booking i.e. newly created Sales Order in new financial-year)

My Suggestion: Report will fetch invoices, only from all those Sales Orders whose Creation Date (or Document Date???) is Less than current year.

B. How come will we realize in Invoice-report, which item is a roll-over item in Roll-over booking And which Item is fresh booked item in Roll-over Booking?

My Suggestion: Invoice-Report will display Item (with item creation date from Sales Order) along with Qty-details and Invoiced-date

Report 7: (Sales Org-wiseCustomer-WiseSales Emp-wise+Material-wise) - Booking, Sales and Collection Report for the Period: Month & YTD.

My Comment: Customization required (Reference Standard Report: MCTI)

In MCTI, everything is available but, one needs to drill-down. To View all details on just a single-click and within a single page, We need to develop custom report with the information/ data (screen field), available in MCTI.

Best Regards,


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4 Answers

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    Nov 13, 2008 at 04:56 AM

    Hi Amit,

    In report tree you will get ample Tcodes/ reports which my satisfy your requirement. Just go thro; it area wise might help otherwise u have to built custom reports.



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    Nov 13, 2008 at 05:34 AM

    Hi Amit,

    I am of the opinion that , if you need more detailed informations on the reports just go for the custom reports which are more flexible through ALV using OOPS.



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    Former Member
    Nov 13, 2008 at 05:46 AM

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the replies.

    I need only few informations from your side.

    1. Is there standard report (T. Code), available for the reports that I've mentioned in my post?

    2. If Standard Report is not, and some Enhancements (in existing Standard Report) or Customization (all together a new development); then the logic, which I am applying, is correct or not? if not, Can you help in designing the logic?

    Best Regards,


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Dear Pramod,

      Thanks a lot.

      But, i have already worked-around with this.

      The only support I am looking-forward to, is: whether I've given the right proposal to my client or not.

      If you go by my first post in this thread; you will find that I've already mentioned:

      1. the Report-Name (If standard report is available)

      2. the Report-Name (if enhancement is required in Standard to ful-fill my Client's requirement).

      3. For Custom-Reports (i.e. neither standard report is available not enhancement could be done), I've developed the logic (that I've shared, under my comments).

      Best Reagrds,


      Note: while, i was testing with Report 6, i observed that

      We have to take Returns and cancelled invoices from Roll-over booking-items; in to consideration for the development of the Report 6.

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    Former Member
    Nov 19, 2008 at 04:38 AM

    Thanks. Defined lgoic for Customs, Enhancements.

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