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Nov 11, 2008 at 12:40 PM

Entry Tax


Hi all,

i have a an issue with entry tax .

1.In which procedure i can include Entry tax condition type.(currently i have included in Domestic pricing)

2. my requirement : system has to calculate entry tax on net value, net value is inclusive of Excise duty(dealer price).

entry tax is calculated on net value. and VAT is calculated on (net+entry tax)

EX: po net value 100 (inclusive of Excise)

Entry tax 5 (5%)

VAT 13 (12.5%)

Total 118

3. I maintained entry tax condition type in domestic pricing and pricing is fine at PO

4. In j1iex(capture excise invoice) i used MRP indicator and on base value i entered BED(14 RS), EDces(0.28), SHE(0.14).

5 my stock account is posted with 85.58 ( Debit)

GR/IR - 85.58 (cr)

6. post excise invoice - account postings are fine ie BED - 14 Dr

edcess - 0.28 Dr

SHE - 0.14 Dr

CENVAT clearng - 14.42 Cr

7 Now at the time of MIRO, my posting are goin wrong.

vendor account - 118 Cr

GR/IR - 85.58 Dr

matl account - 14.42 Dr

VAT - 13 Dr

system is taking cenvat amount as price difference amount and posing to matl account( which is wrong). ( since GR/IR credit is fro 85.58 at the time of GR)

can anyone suggest me the answer



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