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I_STEP = 3 Event is not Tirggering in Customer Exit Variable on running BEx


My business Scenario is i have two date fields at Bex input and they are supposed to be Optional and User should enter atleast one date to acquire their bussiness report compulsarly.If they don't enter neither of the two fields then he should get the Error Message Pop up saying him to enter atleast one date .

I have created a customer exit Variable for one date field and have written the code in i_step = 3 event and have put the break point.On executing the query on RSRT transaction,i observed that i_step = 1 and 2 Events are calling but not 3,so obviously my code is not calling

Please advise me how can i achieve this business scenario and clarify me why i_step = 3 is not calling

Thank you All in Advance,waiting for the Suggestion

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  • Hi Naresh,

    can you please tell a little bit more about the query definition. How many variables (customer exists) do you have? Are all of them optional and empty?


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