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Nov 11, 2008 at 05:55 AM

javascript problem


Hi All,

Im designing an adobe form in SFP. The following is my scenario.

I have 3 textfields like texfield1,texfiled2,texfield3. and a dropdown box with static values like Vendortype1,2,and3.

Depending on my selection in the dropdown (Vendortype1), 2 fields like textfield1 and 2 should be displayed on form. and textfield3 should be hided

If I select Vendortype2 from dropdown, textfield3 should be displayed.

I tried doing this with javascript for few fields but couldnt.

Can some one tell how to handle this?

I have written in change event of dropdown like following but it is not working.


data.#subform[0].DropDownList2::change - (JavaScript, client)----

if(this.value = "Vendortype1" )


TextField1.presence = "Visible";




TextField1.presence = "Invisible" ;


And also do we have any refence site for scripting in Adobe Life Cycle designer? Do we have any new API for javascript to use in Adobe?

With Regards,