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Former Member
Nov 11, 2008 at 05:31 AM

Need to loop through Recursive node


Hi Everyone,

I am having troubles looping through a node to get a boolean value called "Check".

Basically I am using the TreeNesteedInTable UI. One of the columns I display is the "Check" mentioned above. Basically the user can go through the tree structure and check his/her options. I should then be able to loop through this structure to get all the records "Checked". My application is not doing this.

At the moment I am looping through the top level node - think this is where my probelm is because this node can only be singleton! This means that I then have to loop through the Recusrsive node of this type to get the values as the recusrive is always non-singleton en must therefor contain the elements I am looking for. But, i do not know how tho get access to this node. Is this the correct way of doing it, or how should it be done otherwise?

Many thanks,