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Sales order is captured in Plant (A) but the same sales order should be processed from Plant (B)

Dear experts,

Please find the below scenario and guide further:

There are two plants (A and B).
A is into sales order capturing whereas B is into to production activities.

Below are the expected activities between these plants:

Plant A:
SO (12345) (with auto PR) -> PO (wrt PR). And this PO should be to Plant B.

Plant B:
1. SO Transfer (12345) from Plant A to Plant B (but material differs between these plants for the same item).
2. WBS BOM (using material code of Plant B)
3. BOM updation
4. MRP is run to create PR -> PO -> GRN from Vendor.
5. Outbound delivery to Plant A

Plant A:
GRN (wrt PO from Plant B)
Outbound delivery to Customer.

Please guide further.

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  • "but material differs between these plants for the same item" - what is the reason for having two different materials?

    Is one of the materials actually some semi-finished product or the materials represent exactly the same thing (in which case you should not have two codes) or the product is the same, but the packaging or labels are different?

    Without understanding what is the exact process it is hard to suggest any solution.

    Another question - is there a specific reason why the products for customer A should always go via plant A in terms of gods receipt?

    You mentioned GR from Vendor - are you procuring materials from external parties in plant B, which you ship to plant A and then deliver to the customer?

    Maybe it will be best if you start explaining in details the business process from the beginning - as you can see, your current explanation may have different interpretations and (probably) different solutions.

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2 Answers

  • May 08, 2018 at 08:43 AM

    Are you not aware of Intra-Plant Stock Transfer ?

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    • My remark on IDOC was mostly related to point 2 - creating a sales order from a purchase order.

      Probably I don't need to tell you that, but anyway: if you can, try to persuade the business to unify the material codes or at least to have 1:1 relationship between codes in A and B.

  • May 10, 2018 at 12:27 PM

    On this....

    "I discussed with my ABAPer, he said, auto SO creation is possible. He also suggested, we will develop custom table to enter source (Plant A) and target (Plant B) material codes. So, whenever user creates SO in Plant A (using material ABCDE), auto SO in Plant B is created (using material 12345). And this can be achieved by enhancement."

    Why shouldn't customer material info record be used here, rather going for a development? If you have decided to create SO automatically in plant B (for which mostly you will be using a standard BAPI), you will have to give the customer details while creating order, for which I guess you would be creating plant A as sold to and ship to as ultimately that is where you wanted the goods to be delivered. Therefore you can maintain that customer you are going to use in plant B in the CMIR where you can give plant A material as customer material and it equivalent plant B material under the material no field. This way while creating order for plant B, you can pass the customer material and the CMIR determines the plant B material.

    Regarding your 2nd point on document flow....

    You have decided to use PO to create auto sale order for plant B, in that case you cannot build that link in the document flow, rather you can create a new field in additional data B to update the sale order number of A by creating a new field, else it can be updated in any text type (reporting could be difficult), or you can use VBAK--IHREZ (po number field) if you are not planning to use this field to update with plant A po number.

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