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Report for transactions cleared in COGI

May 08 at 04:42 AM


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I want to get a report which reports all items which have been cleared due to COGI.

For eg. i have 100 qty. of ABC item standing in COGI. Now i have received the stock and clear the COGI. I want the report to view such cleared transactions.

When i run MB51 there is no such separate indication for such transactions.

If there is no such report then is there any way by which i can generate list of such transactions.

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2 Answers

Oleg K May 08 at 06:22 AM

what is the reason to see such items? (other words, how it will improve your business process?)

the more correct question is how to see the items which were deleted in cogi (my answer is - to build a custom report)

however, coming back to your original question....please check this link:

good luck :)

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For your 1st question..... if consumption of COGI of one month is cleared in another month, then consumption will be less in 1st month and will be higher in 2nd month, which will have impact on Profitability of each month, hence to analyze the reason for such variance we need this.

Caetano Almeida
May 08 at 01:44 PM


SAP provides the modification note 309050, which allows you to log records deleted or changed in COGI, but don't think it logs the records that were simply posted. Usually, you can get the transaction form the material documents, however, movements posted by BAPIs will also carry the transaction code COGI and that may not be very useful to you.

An alternative may be to log those entries using BAdI WORKORDER_GOODSMVT.



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Thanks Caetano,