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Nov 10, 2008 at 08:37 PM

Mail is not sent to approver


Workflow for approval is working fine but no email is sent to approver in SOST when the shopping cart is ordered. However, there is a message for approval in Inbox in SRM 5.0.

I have check marked all options for all roles in the Shopping Cart scenario in SPRO->u2026->Determine recipient of notifications. Mail is set up in SCOT with Internet Address Area set to *. On the users in SU01 I am only using internal email addresses where communication is set to Email (could I also use Remote Email?). I have set the FORWARD_WI=X attribute in ppoma_bbp for all users. In SO16 I have set the radio button for "Send to users home address".

In SOST I can see mails when a SC has been changed, rejected, and approvedu2026 but not any mail notification when a SC is sent for approval.

Do you have a solution or any sugestions to fix this problem?

Best regards