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Nov 10, 2008 at 06:32 PM

Co-Pack Business Functionality


Hi Friends,

Currently I am working on a requirement called u201CCo-Packu201D. Before I seek assistance from you I would like to explain the u201CCo-Packu201D business functionality.

Suppose Customer raises order for 20,000 (Apple) Juice to the manufacturer, Customer delivers 20,000 empty bottles with caps and labels to the client as Raw Materials at the time he places an order. Client would consider those specific raw materials in the process of making the Finished Product.

Sales perspective:

u2022 Customer made the advance payment for the 20,000 bottles as an advance payment at the time he places an order.

u2022 Customer is not willing to accept the 20,000 bottles (Sales order quantity) to deliver at a time.

u2022 Customer wants manufacturer to deliver partially as per his requirement.

u2022 Since the customer made advance payment for 20,000 bottles at the time of order placement that inventory would be treated customer as an owner but not the manufacturer.

u2022 After doing u201CPGIu201D for the delivery (20,000 bottles) inventory records update.

u2022 As per the records ownership of those 20,000 bottles changes from manufacturer to Customer however Customer wants to hold the stock at manufactureru2019s premises.

This is a common business process happens with most of the companies in US. However how to configure this functionality in SAP? How manufacturer holds the undelivered stock at his premises? Since manufacturer is not the owner and PGI was done and donu2019t ask me to STOP PGI because customer made an advance payment, customer is the owner.

How and where to hold the undelivered stock at manufactureru2019s premises though he is not the owner. How we should show this stock in our inventory records?

Thanks in advance.