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May 07, 2018 at 04:38 PM

How to keep Table Title and Table Header in a new page in adobe livecycle designer


Hi Experts,

I finding options in Adobe Livecycle Designer so that it satisfies following conditions :

  1. Table should always display header in all subsequent pages if more content is there
    (So, I have enabled for table header row)
  2. Table should allow page brakes within the content, as there is a chances of large data
  3. Page should render only Table title & table header only if there is at least one row exists in the same page (As of now this one not working as expected

Output :

In above screenshot Title and Table header should be place next page,
As data row can't be placed in same page.

If there is row with small row height, it will be accepted.

Here are current settings :

I have tried with keeping table with previous , also tried with keeping Text with next
But which results in even worse condition like below :

Please help how to resolve this issue ..??