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Number Range Buffering - RV_BELEG - Buffer Size

May 07 at 03:42 PM


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Hi Experts,

In my current setup for Number Range Buffering for Object RV_BELEG, the buffer size is 1000 (and we are using Parallel Buffering). Which we think is on bit of higher range. We are planning to reduce it to 50.

My question is, what will be pros / cons and impact on performance if we change the buffer size from 1000 to 50.

Also, if we do that, do we have to do something additional to reflect it in NRIVSHADOW or any other objects?

Thanks a lot for the same in advance.

Quick reply would be appreciated.



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Probably, you need to change the Primary Tag and not sure, whether you have discussed internally with your Basis team before posting here

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
May 08 at 09:21 AM

Have a look at OSS note 1524325

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I checked the mentioned note but it is still not clear how the change in buffer size will impact. There is one formula in this not about how to decide on the buffer size but that is not probably for the parallel buffering.

Formula: Number of processes * number of documents to be posted for each Commit * 2

Any idea on such formula for Parallel Buffering? Above looks like for buffering with work process ID.