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May 07, 2018 at 04:54 AM

Question regarding Analytical and Transactional Apps

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Hi All,

I have gone through the definitions of transactional and analytical apps in Fiori and some apps can clearly be classified as Analytical and some are clearly transactional - like creating a sales order.

But some apps are really murky - For example "Display Financial Statement".

SAP Classifies this as a transactional app. But to some, this is borderline analytical as well.

My question is - What makes this app transactional and something like "

Journal Entry Analyzer" analytical?

A few of these categorizations are a bit murky to me and would be great if you could help me understand SAP's reasoning for classifying them as they are.

Question updated below -

The Fiori app library describes the "Display Financial Statement" app as:

With this app you can display balance sheets and profit and loss statements for your companies using operational, local and global charts of accounts. These reports are generated on the fly by analyzing all the relevant line items. From these reports, you can also access the line items of a specific G/L account or customer/supplier line items.

This description just shouts "Analytical" to me. What factors pushed the classification of this app into the "Transactional" category?