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May 04, 2018 at 07:54 PM

Logic for one of three fields to be mandatory filled out


Hi All,

Hope you can help.

In a C4C opportunity, we have 3 KUT fields. Our business requires that one of the fields must be filled out, but only one.

When a user opens an opportunity, they should be able to see all 3 fields.

When they fill out a value (all lists) for one of them, and hit save, it should fail if any of the other two fields have a value (and show a warning to the user indicating so).

Can someone help provide the logic for doing something like this?

Or do i just show all 3 fields, and use a workflow or something to prevent someone from saving if more than one field is filled out?

I would prefer a configuration-type solution versus SDK (unless SDK is the only way to do it..)

Many thanks in advance..