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May 04, 2018 at 03:17 PM

How do we binding between our Layer Service IoT 4.0 with IoT AE (Application Enablement)


Hi colleagues,

We signed an environment (Test and Demo SAP IoT Enablement) but it does not come with the IoT 4.0 layer.

We have a layer of Service IoT 4.0 running in another environment perfectly.

When we try to create a (New Thing in app Thing Modeler) in IoT AE with field Provider (SAP Cloud Platform IoT Service for Cloud Foundry Enviromenent) the list of sensors is empty.

Where do I bind between the Serivice IoT Layer 4.0 layer and IoT AE for the list of sensors to appear?

I not find anything in the sap help about this binding.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Bruno Xavier.