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May 04, 2018 at 12:01 PM

Analysis Office Planning Sequence Refresh all data sources


Hi experts,

We have a large workbook with many sheets and in each sheet we have datasources/queries. When we execute planning sequece we know only one datasource will be affected but all datasources trying to refresh.

With macro we have tried to set SAPSetRefreshBehaviour to Off but plan data is not submitted in this case. So my planning sequence works and refreshes in 3 seconds if there is no other query in workbook but since planning sequence tries to refresh all queries "which may be necessary or unnecessary" client is waiting for 30 seconds at least.

I would like to know If there is a parameter which will exclude refresh when we call planning sequence? It would be handy and I think it is "a must" because customer has HANA but because of unnecessary refresh, render they are losing performance.

Best Regards, thanks in advance

Ergin Ozturk