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How to convert "USD" into "доллар США" in ABAP?

May 04 at 07:58 AM


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l-939btmp.pngHi All, I got this requirement wherein I need to convert the word "USD" written in English Characters in "доллар США" written in Cyrillic(Russian) characters. This is to be printed in pdf generating from Smartforms, is there any way we can do this during runtime of this Smartform to convert this word?
Attached is the Screenshot of the current scenario.

l-939btmp.png (5.3 kB)
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2 Answers

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Raymond Giuseppi May 04 at 09:31 AM

Actually this is not the translation of 'USD' but the translation of 'U.S. dollar' from english to russian, so system wont translate it.

Adapt the Smartform to use the short text description of the currecny (TCURT-KTEXT) in the smartform instead the currency code (WAERS, ISO 4217 currency code, 3 characters)

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Thanks Raymond.It's working fine now.

Jürgen L May 04 at 08:14 AM

I'd rather think your translation is missing or not correct for the currency

check your IMG > SAP Netweaver > General settings > Check Currency Codes

select the currency and chose from menu GOTO > translation

usdtrans.png (33.6 kB)
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Thanks Jurgen, but one thing, how will it be translated? How the system will know that I have to translate it into Russian. Does it depends on Smartform Language or Payer Language or something else?


It will be translated in customizing, exact the place which I showed.

In a purchase order it would be fetched based on the communication language used in the document which is defaulted to the document from vendor master. For some forms it is taken from the language defined in the message record.


Thanks Jurgen for all your knowledge but for now Raymond's answer will do good. And I think TCURT is the table which gets updated when using your solution. So this is what I wanted to know. :)